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Print Media Departmental Philosophy

The Print Media Department is dedicated to innovative approaches to traditional and new print media. The philosophy of the Print Media Department builds upon past and present conceptual models for printmaking in order to envision new possibilities for what a print can or will be in the future. Part of the department’s approach is based on the historic role of the print as a Democratic Voice.Alex Thomas Not Crumpled Paper 2014 Since print processes allow for the potential to make multiples in an abundant and relatively affordable quantity, prints have often served as a democratic voice to enable the communication of ideas and images to a wide audience. This establishes a traditional precedent for Print Media that includes issues and processes related to mass media, commerce, and exchange in which the culture and the times are questioned, examined, or re-interpreted through personal commentary or narrative. Other possibilities are offered by a modernist concept of the print as an Original Multiple, in which a specified number of “originals” are produced from a fixed matrix. This fixed matrix is not necessarily limited to a plate, block, stencil, or stone, but can be interpreted as a process, act, or thing that creates a reproducible record of its own making. On the other hand, Post-modernism helped to define Print Media as the perfect contemporary media for challenging the very notion of originality. Prints can now delight in their status as reproductions, copies, facsimiles, echoes, simulations, repeats, sequels, etc. – all bearing an uncanny resemblance to the questionable idea of an original. The department is characterized by an interdisciplinary, expansive approach to art making that incorporates disparate elements of many other disciplines – traditional printmaking, painting, drawing, graphics, photography, sculpture, video and sonic arts, digital processes, performance, etc. – to be used as an open framework for building new visions that will define the future of Print Media.

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