Last week, the British

British newspaper Guardian

Alternate title: “The Manchester Guardian”

The Guardian formerly (1821–1959) The Manchester Guardian, influential daily newspaper published in London, generally considered one of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers.

The paper was founded in Manchester in 1821 as the weekly Manchester Guardian but became a daily after the British government lifted its Stamp Tax on newspapers in 1855. “Manchester” was dropped from the name in 1959 to reflect the newspaper’s standing as a national daily with a positive international reputation, and its editor and editorial staff moved to London in 1964.

The Guardian has historically been praised for its investigative journalism, its dispassionate discussion of issues, its

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Interesting facts
  • Hayley Joann Williams (born in Cheshire, England) is a British actress. She has had an extensive theater and film career, most notably playing the lead role of Marie in the award-winning film chiller The Shadow Within, for which she was awarded Best Supporting Actress at the 2008 B-Movie Film Festival (New York), and Best Actress at the LA...

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