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Kantar Media helps marketers, agencies and media companies understand how healthcare professionals and consumers interact with their entire information inventory. We deliver actionable research to help you build more effective and cost-efficient media plans, better understand the complex landscape of OTC, DTC and professional health communications and succeed in a changing digital marketplace.

Make your marketing decisions more effective with a better understanding of consumer and professional media usage, attitudes and behaviors. Understand healthcare audiences and the media they consume using syndicated (and custom) studies of print readership, web traffic measurement and more. Determine where healthcare, pharma and medical device companies advertise, what products they promote and how much they spend, both online and in professional journals.

Interesting facts
  • TGI or (Target Group Index) is the longest established single source marketing and media survey in Britain and was established by BMRB in 1969. TGI has since expanded into over 60 countries with over 700,000 people being interviewed every year.
    In Britain, TGI collects information from a representative sample of around 25,000 adults annually...
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