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Media Takeover

The Vin Scully takeover also allowed Yankees fans and other baseball fans to see Scully’s commentary and engage with a Twitter account they would not otherwise follow.

In the basketball world, @NBATV invited the stars of Hardwood Classics games — a series that replays some of the greatest games from the history of the NBA — to take over @NBATV to live-tweet their memorable performances, thus adding a new twist to an old game. Hall of Fame point guard Isiah Thomas (@iamisiahthomas) live-tweeted a broadcast of game six of the 1988 NBA Finals, when he scored 43 points despite an injured ankle. A few weeks later, when @NBATV aired a replay of the 2013 triple-overtime playoff matchup between the Bulls and Nets, the network once again handed its Twitter handle over to a player to live-tweet — this time to Nate Robinson (@Nate_Robinson), whose 34 points led the Bulls to the unlikely victory.

Choosing a hashtag

Using a common hashtag is an important way to organize a conversation and make it more visible. This is equally significant for account takeovers, when the content might not be that far from the ordinary, but the person sending the Tweets is noteworthy. As such, a short, snappy hashtag that includes the name of the person taking over the account helps drive people to that takeover.

For @Dodgers, all of Scully’s Tweets were signed off with the hashtag #VinScully, not only reminding fans who was doing the tweeting but also allowing them to click on his name to read his previous Tweets and fans’ reactions.

The @NBATV takeovers’ hashtags were not fancy either. For Thomas’ takeover, the hashtag #IsiahLive was used; for Robinsons’, @NBATV employed #NateLive. Nearly 8, 000 Tweets went out with one of those two hashtags.

Promoting the takeover

Once you’ve decided to have someone take over your Twitter account, you have to make sure people know it is happening to follow along on Twitter. Tweeting from the main account to promote the event in the days and hours leading up to it are a must. Getting the celebrity to tweet about it from his or her account is also a good call.

Ask your partners to promote the event — whether it be the league the team is in or the network broadcasting the game — and have them promote the takeover (and tweet during it too), such as @MLB tweeting about Scully’s takeover of @Dodgers. Be sure they include the event hashtag in their Tweet.

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