Audio Players for Windows

wmp4Alas, poor Winamp! We knew it well. One of our favorite audio and video player/streamers, we loved that it kept on kicking the Llama’s butt year after year. Time and the competition caught up with it. Support and development have ceased. Sigh.

Of course, no support doesn’t mean that a pretty darn good program doesn’t work anymore. You can still use it. However, in light of the news, that’s too painful to bear. Here are five ways to move on, plus one other historical-footnote player.itunes for pc Sorry if they’re mostly corporate creations that may have hastened Winamp’s demise. Life goes on.


AIMP (free) is the player most likely to restore a Winamp fan’s faith in the natural order of the universe. Indeed, tiny buttons and text abound. Wisecracks aside, I personally find AIMP a lot easier to fathom and use than Winamp.

aimp 31AIMP 3 is handsome, easy to use, and reminiscent of Winamp 2. AIMP has tons of effects, some of them rather nice psychoacoustic enhancements.

It’s also chock-full of surprises, such as very good pitch and tempo variation, a good bass enhancer, and even a decent spatial effect. I’m not much into chorus, echo, flange and reverb, when applied to entire songs, but those are there as well.

AIMP serves as a very good organizer without taking up a lot of space, provides top-notch tag editing, and is a surprisingly able format converter that outputs APE, FLAC, MusePack 98, OGG Vorbis, wave, WavePack, and WMA.powerdvd 123 There are dozens of other options to dig into, and you should—there’s something about AIMP that inspires the inner audiophile.

Windows Media Player

It’s tough to compete with a program that comes free with Windows.

Windows Media Player features top-notch psychoacoustic bass and spatial enhancements from SRS.

Not only is Windows Media Player efficient at handling audio and video, it has the best psycho-acoustic sound enhancement in the business with SRS TruBass low-end and WOW spatial effects.vlc 2.13 You can add support for virtually any audio or video file type by installing a DirectX filter and it’s a more than passable organizer. WMP rips and burns CDs, but it doesn’t do photos.


Though rendered in a style designed to invoke Mac-envy in Windows users, iTunes (free) is as competent a music player, organizer, and tag editor as you’ll find.

iTunes is a mature and nicely rendered player and organizer.

iTunes also supports video, but doesn’t understand DirectX filters, so it’s limited in the types it understands. Still, that includes biggies such as MP3, MP4, and WMA in addition to its native AAC on the audio side.

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Interesting facts
  • OverDrive Media Console is a bare-bones proprietary media player software developed by OverDrive, Inc. for use with its download services for library, schools, and retailers. The Windows Media Player-based software allows users to download, organize, and listen to audiobooks, music, and video either borrowed from an OverDrive subscribing...

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