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Upgrade Windows Media Player 12

This topic lists features that are new in Windows Media Player 12.

New Attributes

The following new attributes for media items are available through the IWMPMedia and IWMPMedia3 interfaces.

New Device Metadata

The following new device metadata items can be retrieved by calling IWMPSyncDevice::getItemInfo.

  • BackgroundSyncState
  • SkippedFiles
  • SyncFilter

The following new device metadata items can be set by calling IWMPSyncDevice2::setItemInfo.

  • AutoSyncDefaultRules
  • IncludeSkippedFiles
  • SyncOnConnect

New Enumeration Member

The WMPSyncState enumeration has the following new member.

New Flag

The IWMPGraphCreation::GetGraphCreationFlags method supports the following new flag.


Deprecated Interface

The following interface is deprecated.

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Windows Media Player 12 - Windows 7
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Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus
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  • Wirelless Router: instantly convert wired network into Wi-Fi (AP/Router/Bridge)
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