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Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP, has been the hot topic ever since it was revealed that she’s actually white but has been posing as black for years, and now celebrities are reacting to the news. Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne Dolezal, was the one who outed the NAACP leader, telling media that her daughter was trying to “disguise herself” as an African-American woman. Ruthanne says Dolezal was most assuredly born to two Caucasian parents, even though her daughter had said in the past that she was partly African-American.

Dolezal’s name has been trending on Twitter for much of Friday, and her story has even led to a few celebrities sharing their opinions on her posing as a black woman. Kelly Osbourne posted a photo of Dolezal on Instagram, writing, “This has utterly shocked me!!! It’s a #WholeNewLevelOfWrong.” Talib Kweli tweeted, “So just landed in Germany and I get on Twitter to find out Soul Man was actually a documentary for some #RachelDolezal.”

Keri Hilson expressed on Twitter that everyone should “thank” Dolezal because “she’s doing more than most of us do for ourselves.” She continued, “It is really weird tho. She took it pretty far with slave whips & what not. Levels. Deep. #RachelDolezal. I’m not saying she doesn’t have serious ISSUES, I’m just saying don’t knock her intentions or discredit her efforts.”

“The Real” co-host Loni Love wrote in a series of tweets, “It is fabulous being a black woman just ask #RachelDolezal. It is great passing as a black woman #RachelDolezal until you go to a community pool in Texas.” Meanwhile, hip Hop producer Maestro joked, “Can we swap out Raven Symone for #RachelDolezal?” And Mia Farrow tweeted that maybe “trans-ethnic could be a real thing, ” adding, “We accept that a person can identify as transgender.”

Orlando Jones noted on Twitter that the 11th commandment needed to be “Thou shalt not pretend to be black.” Montel Willians also commented, posting in a series of tweets, “The Conservative response to #RachelDolezal – compare her getting caught lying to #CaitlynJenner choosing to live honestly #predictable. #Transracial is NOT a thing.” He also added, “Would love to see #RachelDolezal tanning and perm bills – must be astronomical. Don’t think #NAACP was wrong today with #RachelDolezal provided she publicly admits lying. Who says a white person can’t be pro civil rights? #AskRachel who’s your book deal with and who has the option on film/tv.”

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