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DJ Michael Woods called out Justin Bieber for trying to tell him what to play at a nightclub in Seoul on Friday.When Justin Bieber wants hip-hop music played at a club, the pop star apparently won't take no for an answer.

DJ Michael Woods was spinning at a club in Seoul, South Korea on Friday when the Canadian singer, 19, stormed into his booth and demanded his song requests be played, according to Woods.

@michael_woods via Twitter

The DJ said Bieber and an entourage of security guards approached him.

that Woods' account of the events that night were blown out of proportion. Party host Ben Bailer reportedly said that no punches were thrown.@deadmau5 via Twitter

The DJ said Bieber and an entourage of security guards approached him. CHINA OUT The EDM musician alleges Bieber took a swing at his manager, but another witness says no punches were thrown. 'Someone needs to jump on Justin's stage and start telling him what to play,’ Deadmau5 tweeted.

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  • Decibelle (formerly Estrojam) is a 501c3 NFP music and culture festival that promotes equality and was established in 2003. Past headliners have included, Wanda Jackson (First Lady of Rock who toured with Elvis in the ‘50s and ‘60s), Nina Hagen, Concrete Blonde, Cat Power, The Gossip, Peaches, Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls and Margaret Cho. The...

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