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Mass Audiences

In our residency programs, students get multiple contacts with our teaching artists who integrate their art form into other subject areas. Each residency is planned in collaboration with classroom teachers and customized to fit the needs of the curriculum and school. Some details:

  • A typical residency day consists of 3–4 classes per day, with 20–30 students per workshop.
  • Each session lasts between 45–60 minutes.
  • Residencies typically last a minimum of 5 days and can extend for as long as several weeks or months.
  • Some residencies conclude with an exhibit or presentation that celebrates the work of students.
  • YAMA programming can be tailored to your school’s curricular objectives and/or can be offered as a complement to your community programs and events.


School Workshops: Our workshops are introductory, hands-on sessions that allow groups of up to 25 students to practice an art form with professional artists in a focused environment. Programs last 45–60 minutes. Programs can be added after an assembly to reinforce its content or scheduled as one-day sessions to address targeted curricular needs.

Community Programs

Community Programs: YAMA’s expert staff will work with your school to develop afterschool and/or community programs that focus on the arts and meet specific curricular and/or social goals articulated by your school or organization.

SmARTalk Workshop: How to Provide Successful Arts Programming in Your School:
Young Audiences offers free workshops that guide arts coordinators on the nuts and bolts of establishing and maintaining successful arts programming in their schools. Topics include:

  • Advocating for arts in your school
  • Creating goals for arts programming
  • Establishing a school arts committee
  • Selecting, evaluating and scheduling programs
  • Establishing programming record keeping systems
  • Seeking program funding
  • Locating networking opportunities

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR EDUCATORS: Programs are designed for classroom teachers and teaching artists to receive professional development to teach in, through, and about the arts and soliciting grants for arts integrated residencies.

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