Mass Media Majors

Mass media majors sometimes end up in print.Mass media majors sometimes end up in print.

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A degree in mass media, sometimes called mass communications or simply communications, can prepare students for a variety of careers. In most cases, a bachelor's in mass media is sufficient for entry-level positions. The expected salary for a communications or mass media major depends on the type of job he gets after graduation.

Starting Salaries

According to a salary survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communications majors graduating with a bachelor's degree earned an average starting salary of $42, 300 in 2012. Half of graduates reported starting salaries ranging from $32, 800 to $52, 200 per year. Those who graduated with a master's degree in communications reported an average starting salary of $48, 200 per year.

Technical Occupations

Many mass media majors end up behind the camera or mixing board in the television, radio and film industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who become camera operators earned an average of $49, 010 per year as of 2012. Film and video editors earned an average of $64, 060 per year. Broadcast technicians reported an average annual salary of $44, 050, and sound technicians earned an average of $55, 340 per year.

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Journalism and Broadcasting

Other mass media majors end up in jobs related to journalism or television and radio broadcasting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reporters and correspondents earned an average of $45, 120 per year in 2012. Print reporters averaged $40, 590, while radio and television reporters made an average of $50, 640. Radio and television announcers brought home an average salary of $41, 860. Broadcast news analysts earned an average of $78, 380 per year, while editors reported an average annual salary of $62, 440.

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