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traffic growth from seoDefine Media Group Inc. provides results-driven SEO consulting that targets your site’s current and future traffic goals.

Large-scale SEO campaigns can be difficult to execute. Define speeds implementation by providing a comprehensive SEO roadmap that addresses missed opportunities and ensures that your site’s content is fully leveraged. A typical SEO campaign with Define follows a three-phased approach:

The application of best practices, along with advanced strategies contributed to this client’s impressive organic referral growth in the celebrity category.

Phase 1: Analysis

Through extensive site auditing and analysis Define will find solutions to the ranking and indexation barriers that affect your site’s performance. Near-term technical and editorial fixes, as well as long-term audience development strategies are prioritized based on impact.

The comprehensive site analysis will provide your company with a firm understanding of what needs to be done to improve site traffic. The work done in this phase serves as a playbook for the remainder of the campaign.

Phase 2: Education

Education is critical to the adoption of SEO best practices across the entire organization. Define has SEO training programs that target each stakeholder in the optimization process. This focused approach helps to generate buy-in and speed adoption. As the number of SEO advocates grows in your company, so will the referral potential of your content. Define will help empower those advocates to make revenue-based SEO decisions for the site.

Phase 3: Execution

Enterprise SEO campaigns are complex and involve multiple stakeholders. Strategies fail if technical, editorial, marketing and business development teams don’t work in concert to build search visibility and traffic. Define will work with all parties involved in the optimization campaign to avoid bottlenecks and ensure that the implementation goes smoothly.

Many SEO failures happen because of mismanaged implementation strategies, poor follow-up reporting, or insufficient tracking. Define provides the guidance necessary to avoid common pitfalls and utilize the resources of the various stakeholders efficiently.

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