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Solution: error @ media print Style sheet Not WorkingSolution: error @ media print Style sheet Not Working

Solution for @ print media styles

Soution 1 :Check if your print media style sheet linked with webpage properly or not.Link tag is closed properly and looks link as follows.This type of link used only if you want to use separate style sheet for print media.

Solution 2: If print media styles are controlled or executed by internal scripts, plugin or module . In that case @ media print style sheet not overwrite styles.To overwrite styles and load style of @ media print query use ( ) .For example in you media print style sheet “div ” height is 200px but this style is not working.

@media print {

Solution:3 In the third situation of error @ media print style query because of your media attribute is not right.If you are using conman style sheet for all media types then check link tag.

In the above tag “media” attribute value is “screen”.This can also create error @ media print style loading. Delete media=”screen” from the link tag.

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