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For the last couple of months, we’ve been working away on the pre-design for a notable project in Seattle. The neighborhood is particularly interesting, the site spans more than a city block (much of which is vacant), and the design team includes three separate architectural firms: B9 Architects, Weinstein A+U, and BUILD LLC. The project programming will be mixed-use in nature and aims to activate the community with park space, housing, restaurants, and retail spaces – all while providing nearly 400 new apartment homes. In a nutshell, it’s exactly the type of situation we love wrapping our minds around. It allows us the opportunity to explore the details of an urban neighborhood, put our diagramming skills to good use, and propose some purposeful design possibilities. It’s also gives us the chance to work with some exceptional architects and community groups.

BUILD-LLC-FCS-HistoryThe project sits between East Fir and East Spruce Streets and between 12th and 14th Avenues, just south of Seattle University. Considered part of Squire Park, the site sits on the southern border of Capitol Hill and just a stone’s throw from the International District. Because the project will play an important role in the urban fabric of Seattle, an in-depth study of the area is critical. While the information gathering phase of the project is ongoing, the team has produced a set of visual mappings that inform the design process.BUILD-LLC-FCS-History-Photos We think of these mappings as filters – by viewing the neighborhood through a particular filter, certain characteristics and features become pronounced. While there are an infinite number of filters to apply to a city, our focus was on the six described below. Along with each diagram, we’ve listed some of the surprises and paradigm shifts as a result of the study. These factors help clarify the significance of the neighborhood and inform the eventual design of the upcoming First Central Station development.

BUILD-LLC-FCS-Urban-Village-Figure-GroundBefore we dive into the diagrams, there are a few parameters worth mentioning with regard to the study. The left side of each diagram typically encompasses a regional mapping or a variation. For instance, it’s important to show a larger, regional view for a diagram like the transit mapping. The diagram on the right is a local mapping which includes a 3 block radius around the site. We noticed after about 3 blocks in any given direction there is an urban boundary where the conditions change dramatically. These diagrams are also a work in progress; as we speak with community groups and gain additional insights into the neighborhood, the depth of information increases.

The historical public transportation lines in Seattle are fascinating and this particular neighborhood was an intersection of several lines. In a city that is currently struggling to establish light rail lines, it’s always a shock to re-discover that they were already here at one point, then demolished. Also of particular note – the Yesler Cable Car which carried passengers east, along a massive wood trestle to then meet the boats that would ferry them across Lake Washington.

BUILD-LLC-FCS-Zoning BUILD-LLC-FCS-Transit BUILD-LLC-FCS-Places-of-Importance BUILD-LLC-FCS-People-Patterns

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