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wentworth-millerRace can be a tricky topic, even today. Our increasingly multicultural world has led to substantial confusion about who can check what box on the “race” segment of the census form.

Does it matter? Of course not. Multiethnic people are only going to get more common as our cultural hang ups about race dissipate year by year. It’s just fascinating to learn who came from where, especially when their ethnic origin is a surprise.

Here are a few celebrities you’d never guess were African-American.

1. Wentworth Miller

The eminently talented star of shows like “Prison Break” and screenwriter for films like “Stoker”, Wentworth Miller has always been a drifter in life.

He’s a “that guy” actor, the kind you can always point out but can’t quite name.

He has a long list of bit parts to his name, from playing a teenage sea monster on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” to portraying the younger version of Anthony Hopkins’s character in 2003’s “The Human Stain”.

The latter role saw him aptly cast as a young black man passing for white, something Miller had plenty of experience with as a young man. Miller’s ethnic background leaps continents.He claims to be of Jamaican, Cherokee, Lebanese, German, Russian, and Swedish descent, all wrapped up in an extremely attractive exterior.

On top of all that, Miller came out as gay in 2013 in protest of Russia’s poor treatment of homosexuals. Miller’s always described himself as a loner, feeling torn between his black and white heritage as well as his life both in and out of the closet. It’s a confusion he brings to the screen with dexterity and skill.

His role in “Prison Break” as the morally conflicted Michael Scofield earned him several accolades, as well as a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. Here’s hoping we see much more of Mr. Miller in the years to come.

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