I want a horse! Is it a profitable investment?

With this desire, modern kids make their rich parents sick. But this is not about wealth, but about accessibility. Now every equestrian site or equestrian market can offer any horse, with or without documents, with different levels of riding, even with home delivery.

If you decided that you need your own horse, realize that one “want” is not enough! You also need a material base and a territory where the horse will live and walk.

Think beforehand

Before you buy a horse, answer the question: why do you need it? If you just ride - now there are a lot of equestrian clubs around that are ready to lend it, teach you how to ride (these are different things) for a moderate fee. Maybe you don't need your own one?

Necessary equipment

Think about where you will order all the necessary equipment: a comfortable saddle, a good bridle, equestrian clothing, safety stirrups

By the way, safety stirrups are a very beneficial and useful thing. They save the rider from getting stuck in the stirrups should they fall off the horse, they secure the legs comfortably, there is absolutely no pressure on the feet (given that they are magnetic), they are beautiful, light and stylish. They can also be used in some competitions, etc. and in any weather.

The way out

In modern realities, this is the most convenient option when thorough knowledge and responsibility are not required from a horse lover. Hire a coach, a trainer and you will be happy. As well as a farrier and a veterinarian. Yes, it's all money. But no headaches, such as “what to feed the horse tomorrow” or “the hooves have grown, but you can’t find a farrier.” You can go an even simpler way - rent a horse and feel like a horse owner.

Photo by Barbara Olsen from Pexels

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