What does the word Media mean?

Have you ever wandered why that last essay was precisely 3000 words? Or that other report which you had to do maybe a few months back? What about the lengthy literature review or the exhaustive contextual study? All of the academic papers which you usually need to submit every academic year have very clear and exact volume restrictions. These restrictions, or word limits as some may say, sometimes induce way too much unnecessary pressure as students rush through their briefs and continue writing simultaneously. What does this all mean, though?

One thing is for certain, students should seriously re-consider the fundamental role of word counts. The latter is not just a restriction, not at all. It is more of a challenge. More specifically, a word count prompts us to organise and structure our academic work - two of the most valuable and needed skills that should be part of your professional skill set. It is something of a double lesson. You have to learn how to formulate a sensible as well as coherent argument and at the same time to structure it in a manner that falls in accordance with a certain academic standard (your word count, in this case).

So far, so good. 'But why do we really need a structure?', continues the critical thinker inside us. Can we not just pour in our thoughts freely and expressively until we have finally reached that word count limit? We can do, yes, but we are losing another essential part of our work: coherence! Now, this is the very aspect that we should be thinking about all the time. Coherence not only paves the road to success in academic writing but empowers your arguments, hence your thesis, too.

At Bedfordshire, students can always receive some useful feedback from a knowledgeable PAD representative

As a result, word counts should not be perceived as a daunting challenge that needs to be fulfilled but rather as a helpful indicator of how to structure your argument. Remember that a successful argument is inclusive of everything that you would like to say and is respectful of the defined boundaries, too.

Finally, if you ever feel that you may need some extra help on any of the above aspects of academic writing, you should contact the relevant university body. At the University of Bedfordshire, PAD is where everyone can benefit from a one-to-one consultation that will not only help you be a better writer but will introduce you to an entirely new plethora of useful skills. Already got a question? Just head to PAD and make the most out of it. I am sure that it will be all appreciated at the end.

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  • Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage like a tapeless camcorder) even streaming media. The term includes methods of video production and post-production. It is the equivalent of cinematography, but with images recorded on electronic...

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