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Functions of mass Media

Mass media is increasingly prevalent in 21st century society. From Facebook to Twitter and everything in-between, small business owners are connected to their stakeholders more than ever before. It is no surprise then that small businesses are utilizing these contemporary forms of mass communication to share news, information and opinion. These functions of mass communication enable your small business to reach new customers and keep existing customers engaged.

News and Information

While websites such as Facebook and Twitter are known as "social networking" platforms, they are also important outlets in disseminating news and factual information to wide audiences. Small businesses can take advantage of this by using the services of television news networks, newspapers and blogs to reach a large audience of interested and engaged readers. Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman started their portable generator company from a dorm room. They were featured on CNN Money's entrepreneurs blog and have been able to increase website traffic and marketing inquiries significantly. Small businesses can also release "breaking" news stories directly to their fans through status updates, photo posts and messages. This function of mass communication is important in developing a sense of community for your business. Customers feel connected and informed by using online mass communication tools.

Discussion of Opinions

Besides providing factual information about a business' products and services, mass communication tools also allow your small business to shape the opinions of consumers. Social media users are able to easily and quickly post their responses regarding their experience with your business. There is a risk attached to this ease of use, as opinions can become marred by a bad experience with your company. Business owners can capitalize on this, however, by getting directly involved in the debate. Mass communication is about combining marketing with know-how; when you share your opinion-oriented business messages or respond to negative feedback, customers are exposed to different viewpoints and keen to consider your products after all.

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Cultural Transmission

Mass communications are also important for a sense of culture and community. People who keep engaged in social networking sites, blogs and online forums are developing relationships in ways that weren't possible even 10 years ago. Small businesses are a driving factor in this cultural transmission. It is now easy to speak to people hundreds of miles away, thus creating a "global" small business. No longer does your client base need to be restricted to a radius near a physical location. Small businesses can connect with, sell to and deliver products and services to people around the world. Businesses that offer intangible services like life coaching, branding and consulting are well-suited to take advantage of this virtual space. Mass communications function to keep diverse communities and businesses virtually connected even when they are physically far apart.

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Interesting facts
  • The term mass media refers to any means or technology used to communicate a message to large groups of people. Popular forms of mass media include television, the Internet, and newspapers. Mass media are specifically intended to reach larger audiences. The term is often divided into two broad categories: that of electronic mass media and that...

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