I guess she trying to get up

Keyshia Cole MediaTakeOut

: On Friday, Keyshia Cole was arrested. Police say that Keyshia Cole a woman named Sabrina Mercadel. So the story goes, Keyshia "burst into" Birdman's condo at 5a.am. - even though the building has MORE SECURITY THAN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Then once inside, Keyshia spotted Sabrina coming out of the bathroom and went nuts screaming, 'What are you doing with my man!?" before the attack. Note - Sabrina is NOT Birdman's jumpoff - she's a woman who worked with Cash Money for OVER A DECADE - and EVERYONE in entertainment knows that.

So what happened. Well listen to what this TIPSTER has to say:

Hearing the whole keyshia cole/birdman thing is a publicity stunt to drum up interest in her new album dropping next week oct 7th. After the release of this album on interscope she will be signing to cash money. But they need this album to do well to set that up.the girl that was assaulted is Birdmans personal assistant and this is all 1 big marketing strategy

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