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For about a year now has hosted third party advertising delivered by’s contextual ad marketplace The ad delivery network at powers advertising zones for big name websites like Forbes and Reuters.

For those unfamiliar with how third party ad delivery works, a network like supplies us with a piece of code that we embed on the site where the ad should appear. works with its advertisers to negotiate deals, delivers the ads to our website and pays us a commission on the overall ad buy. It’s a great and easy way for websites like ours to manage ad inventory when we don’t have an internal sales force to deal with the advertiser side of the business.

Our relationship with ended today, unfortunately. Why? Because according to Yahoo’s ad network we post “objectionable/explicit” content. What kind of examples did they provide?

Here are a few.

The email Yahoo’s company sent us contained 22 links they claim are objectionable or explicit. Virtually all of them are gun related with a few being stories about ISIS.

My team and I observed that we are are live across pages with objectionable/explicit content on . Taking us live on such pages is a violation of our publisher guidelines and may lead to suspension of the account.

I would suggest that you remove our ads from such pages. Following are some URLs where we found objectionable/explicit content.

Kindly make sure that we are not live across such pages.

Let me know if you have any concerns/queries and I’ll be happy to assist.


Nimit M

Publisher Development |

With this being the case, we’re confused as to what exactly is objectionable. And our only assumptions remaining lead us to believe just doesn’t agree with our reports, even though they make no attempt to dispute them.

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